Performance Driving Experience


Text Box: Ground School 102

 During the Ground School 102 Continuing Education Program we will present to you a basic drivers classroom session covering a variety of subjects. These range from the importance of understanding flags to knowing why a late apex is essential in some corners more than others. You will be assigned a specific instructor who will work with you throughout the class. Our instructors will challenge you but never push you beyond your limits. You are expected to listen, observe and drive safely. Working together with your instructor can make this the most enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Course highlights are listed below:

Course Summary

Track Truths

Weight Transfer & Heel Toe Basics

Threshold Braking Exercise

Understeer & Oversteer

Trail Braking Fundamentals

Class Room Reviews of Lapping Sessions

Personal and Safety Equipment

Track and Safety Procedures

Flagging and Track Layout

Anatomy of a Corner

Corner by Corner Analysis

Proper Seating and Wheel Position